Burdick & Associates designs natural landscapes in harmony with Maine’s coastal residences

We create harmonizing and enduring settings for our clients’ homes and summer houses. From entry drives to stone terraces and walls, from pools and spas to cutting gardens, we translate our clients’ visions into landscapes.

We are thoughtful listeners and believe design is something we do with our clients, not something we do for them. We want to know what is important to you.

Our aesthetics are rooted in the natural beauty of Maine. We believe the best landscapes do not try to make the natural world something it isn’t. We like to keep Maine’s beauty close at hand. Our plant palette emphasizes native species, from hay-scented fern and blueberry sod to birch trees and balsams.

We unite built and natural environments into settings of lasting beauty—places where daily life has elegance, convenience, and joy.

APLD Landscape Designer of the Year – 2022

“In wit, as Nature, what affects our hearts
Is not th’ exactness of peculiar parts;
‘Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call,
But the joint force and full result of all.”

—Alexander Pope, from An Essay on Criticism