Green Roofs

Granny Cottage, a residence in Maine

Situated on a hillside with dappled glimpses of the ocean through the forest canopy, our clients envisioned expanding their lot with living/outdoor spaces without obstructing views. The principal goal was to design a small structure for the growing family, while enhancing the surrounding natural landscape.  The project included siting a new “granny cottage”, addressing drainage, and designing a landscape with access from above with native stone, gardens, terrace, pathways – seamlessly inserted into the existing void, while blending the materials with the natural surroundings.

Green Roof Car Cave

On this historic property, the owner wished for a hidden three car garage. We suggested a car cave, built into the hillside with a green roof on top. It was covered with native Maine plants – blueberry, bunchberry, sweet fern, mountain cranberry hay-scented ferns blending natural with new and creating a highlight of the property.

“Any landscape is a condition of the spirit.”

— Henri Frederic Amiel