Master Planning

Most of our projects begin with a master plan. A landscaping master plan clarifies the relationship of the inhabitants to the rest of the landscape.

Planning begins with a review of the client’s habits and dreams, and an assessment of the land’s ecological health. Once the boundaries of the design have been established by the client’s needs and the limitations of the property, the master plan draws together the constructed landscape elements and the natural elements into a logical relationship.

If the project is a new construction, the blank canvas offers many choices. When it is for an existing house, the master plan may focus on solving problems that evolved over years of use. Or the plan may focus on planned building additions or new amenities such as a spa or pool, a terrace or an outdoor kitchen.

“In wit, as Nature, what affects our hearts
Is not th’ exactness of peculiar parts;
‘Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call,
But the joint force and full result of all.”

— Alexander Pope from An Essay on Criticism